When I was pregnant with my first daughter about five years ago, I became overly aware of the toxins I was exposing myself to; in my environment, in my food, and in my products that I put on everyday.

One of the first items I knew I had to ditch was my antiperspirant. I had always heard about the harmful heavy metals in conventional antiperspirants, and it didn’t take much digging to see just how harmful they can be.

Deodorant Ingredients That Should Be Avoided
The Ingredients of a conventional antiperspirant.

My journey into finding a new all-natural, non-harmful deodorant became a five year long saga. I tried a LOT of different brands from the local health food store, and although they smelled nice, my stank broke through in sometimes under 10 minutes.

So finally, a couple of years ago, I started to make my own, and it was pretty good – better than the ones I was buying. But in the last year I started tinkering with the ingredients and I made the deodorant I’ve been looking for all these years. Something I can put on once and then not have to worry about smelling the rest of the day. And, it even worked for my husband – he loved it! After I found the perfect mix, I started making some for friends and family and they all loved it. After one family member asked if I could make some for her friends, I thought maybe other people would want some. And there you have it, Nourishing You Natural Deodorant was born.

Hear me talk about the backstory, how to apply it, and what is in it.

I think this product is especially wonderful for any Pregnant or Postpartum ladies, because postpartum B.O. is real!

I know that after I had my babies my odour had amped up, and I was always sweating – definitely a result of the surging hormones during this time. Plus the best part, is you know that what you are putting directly on you skin is safe enough to ingest, and won’t harm you or baby in any way.

Only 5 safe, (mostly Organic) Ingredients.

With Tea Tree and Peppermint being the added scent, it is not an overpowering smell, and it’s gender-neutral, which makes it perfect for your partners as well. My husband and I share our pot which will last us about 3 months, If I was using it alone, I think I could make it last for 5-6 months!

Visit my shop page to get more information, pricing and to place an order. I’m currently only selling in and around Peterborough, with free delivery* for the month of May!

*Free delivery only applies to within the boundaries of Peterborough. But I can arrange for curb-side pick-up for all!

Thanks for being such a wonderful and supportive community, I’ve been receiving so much love from y’all 😉