Can you love your body, but still want to let go of some weight? Can you not get sucked into diet culture, yet know that you could feel better in your body? That is a question I’ve been wrestling with for YEARS! Before having babies, I was thin and my body rarely changed. After having babies, I tried to honour my appetite, honour my needs for more calories when pregnant and breastfeeding, yet I still saw my body getting larger and larger. I was in that larger body for years, and I was learning to love that body, yet I still didn’t feel great. I felt ok, I nourished my body, I moved my body, I tried to tap into my intuition.

I felt shame anytime I wanted to lose weight, feeling like I got sucked into diet culture, and upset with myself for not loving the body I had no matter the size. And I did love it and felt grateful for everything it allowed me to do, but I couldn’t let go of that nagging feeling that I could feel better, have more energy, and have a healthier relationship with food.

After I had my girls, my metabolism changed, I developed some things that I didn’t realize until recently, like being afraid of feeling hunger. Which totally makes sense because it was a wild ride when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, I felt the feeling of “hanger” daily… I knew I needed a little help to help rebalance my metabolism and blood sugar. I knew that all my intense craving were a sign that my blood sugar was unbalanced, and I knew if I continued down that path for my entire life, it would lead to some major health problems down the road. I knew this from my extensive education in health and nutrition over the past 4 years.

This all led me to a nutritional program called Metabolic Balance that I learned about in school. It was designed to help people regulate their blood sugar and originally, it was aimed towards people with metabolic syndrome (like cardiovascular issues or Type 2 diabetes). But, what they were noticing is all of the people who went on this plan ended up losing a significant amount of weight, as well as improving their health conditions, and even getting rid of their type 2 diabetes or getting off of blood pressure medication. It all comes down to blood sugar control, and eating for YOUR specific body type and needs through a pretty specific plan, that includes 4 phases. The thing I love the most about this plan is that you can continue it for life…and easily. Whenever I did “diets” in the past I always felt like it was not sustainable, and that is why they are called yo-yo diets. Oftentimes when someone does a traditional diet, they do lose a chunk of weight upfront, but then gain back even more weight when they go off the plan. Well, this Metabolic Balance program is not that. It’s not a diet that you will do for a few months and then let go. It teaches you a different way to eat that is sustainable, it also lets you be as strict or relaxed as you like depending on your goals. And a nice added bonus, is I did not add in any exercise during this plan, I wanted to see just how much physical difference could be made with diet alone, and, let’s be honest, I can be a little lazy when it comes to exercise. I am all for exercise and moving your body, but this experiment highlighted how impactful diet can be on its own.

Why this program worked for me

I have been studying nutrition for the past 4 years, and still, I didn’t know how to eat for my body and blood type. Included in this program, you will get your blood taken, which gets sent to the headquarters in Europe where a specific diet is made for you based on your blood values. This is huge! And no other program that I know of does this, which seems crazy because every single person is so different, and their individual needs will vary.

Here are some things I’ve gotten out of this program (other than weight loss):

  • No more cravings for sweets and overly carb-y foods
  • No more feelings of “hanger” if I miss a meal or if I eat a little later
  • No more dizziness (which was a sign of the blood sugar roller coaster I was on)
  • Better mental space (less anxiety, more confidence)
  • Way more energy, especially in the afternoon when I used to crash
  • Not feeling irritable

Well, I’m here to say, that if you are still reading, and you feel like this post speaks to you. Send me an email (, or book a free discovery call, because I am now trained as a Metabolic Balance coach and can guide you through your own journey to reach your goals! It won’t be easy at the beginning, you need to be truly ready for a life change, but I can promise you that the outcome is so SO worth it!

I am also offering $150 off for the first 5 people to take advantage of this deal. Use code MB2022 at checkout on my site (expires May 31, 2022), or send me a message if you want to chat more about the program before you commit.

I honestly don’t want to feel sales-y or like I am perpetuating diet culture with this before and after image, but simply trying to highlight how making some changes can help you FEEL. It feels too good to keep to myself.

Happy rest of day friend 🙂