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Supporting Women from Preconception to Postpartum & Beyond

How Can I Help You?


Why do we spend months or years planning a wedding, but we don’t do the same for getting pregnant? I can help you establish a custom plan to optimize your nutrition and lifestyle. Having a healthy body gives you the best possible chance in establishing a healthy pregnancy. If you are already undergoing fertility treatments and want to support your body during the process, or just came off the pill, I can help. Download my helpful Fertility Guide.


In utero, babies require a complete set of vitamins and minerals to develop strong bodies, nervous systems, and immune function. I can assess your diet to identify the missing pieces and put together a plan to help you and your baby thrive.


Once your baby is born, it’s common to experience new health issues, postpartum depression, anxiety, thyroid issues, and more. By taking the proactive step of creating a plan now, you will be giving yourself and your baby the gift of a healthy start. Download my Postpartum Guides.

Women’s Health At Any Stage

No matter what age and stage you are in, I want to help you feel your best. Often, symptoms involving inflammation, skin or digestive issues (and more) can be vastly improved or eliminated by identifying and correcting underlying dietary, hormonal, and lifestyle issues. I offer comprehensive hormonal tests (DUTCH testing), as well as extensive assessment tools designed to reveal areas of concern which, once identified, can act as your springboard into better health.

About Me

I am a mom of 2, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor specializing in Pre and Post Natal Yoga. I am passionate about supporting women through the challenging first stages of motherhood. From preconception to postpartum, this time is the most energy-and-nutrient-demanding time in a woman’s life. Eating the right food, taking supplements, and giving due consideration to lifestyle factors really do make a big difference when taking your first steps into motherhood. I’m here to support you in your journey.


Peterborough, Ontario