Blog originally posted on by Lia on 2018/09/26

I am such a sucker for needing some routine in my life to feel normal, productive and happy. As some of you parents know out there, it’s sometimes really hard to have any normalcy in your life with children, especially babies. So with a 3 year old and 7 month old, I have finally hit a comfortable stride and have been able to carve out tiny little routines throughout my day that seriously help my sanity and happiness.

My morning routine looks like this:


Wake up with one of my 2 screaming alarm clocks, depending on if they are generous, I may be able to sleep until 6 or 7! The FIRST thing I do is drink water! Like lots of water, I also add lemon and Himalayan pink salt to restore electrolytes lost in sleep. I was reading a book called Own Your Day, and the first thing he talks about is how dehydrated your body is upon waking up, most haven’t had any water for 8-12 hours. Now that I am aware of it I feel massively dehydrated every morning, so all I want is 2 tall pint glasses of agua.

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Once I’m adequately hydrated, I have my coffee! I have a new relationship with coffee, I didn’t used to NEED it, but now I definitely do. I love it, and in the evening I can’t wait to go to bed so I can wake up and have that first cup of coffee in the morning. I drink it pretty strait up, with a generous dash of cinnamon and cream. Now, this isn’t a sit down in silence and enjoy that cup of coffee kind of thing, it’s more like; take 3 hours to sip your coffee and warm it up in the microwave 3 times kind of cup, but that’s normal for parents right? Anyways, it’s my normal, and I enjoy every sip!

(p.s. I make sure to sip water while drinking my coffee as well, I’ve had some major dehydration issues in the past so I’m pretty obsessed with my water consumption.)


After coffee comes breakfast; I’m lucky in that I don’t get bored of the same thing if it’s good. so every morning I have 2-3 scrambled eggs with salsa (and some avocado if I have any ripe ones). Simple, easy, healthy, keeps me full until lunch. Done.


The next part of my equation is a Big Ass Salad!

I have one of these pretty much everyday, and look forward to them immensely. They started when I was having some digestive issues after having Lake, and needed to seriously increase my fibre intake. Once I started these I haven’t looked back, it’s nice to know I can usually eat whatever I want in the evenings knowing my breakfast and lunch was healthy and provided a lot of my needed vitamins. A typical salad for me looks like this:

-greens (I usually buy organic mixed greens, but will also used lettuce or kale depending on what I have)

-any vegetables in the fridge (cucumber, carrots, celery, peppers, leftover sauteed veggies, beets, artichokes)

-homegrown alfalfa sprouts

-a protein (sliced chicken breast, canned kipper or tuna, hard boiled egg, beans)

-a fat (an avocado, nuts)

-grain (Quinoa)

-Other things may include: apple, cheese, hummus…almost anything

-Dressing (I LOVE the mixture of: avocado oil, balsamic, salt, pepper – simple, healthy, delicious!)

I get pretty creative with my mixes and it’s rare that I will make the same salad, it usually depends on what I have in the fridge or garden. But it is ALWAYS delicious. I’m obsessed!


I wish!… In my perfect world, I’d get on my mat everyday, realistically these days, I probably do once or twice a week at most (aside from teaching a couple times a week – totally doesn’t count 😛 ). When I do get moving and stretching, it usually looks like this:

Don’t be fooled by how this sounds, reading it over, it all seems pretty ideal, like I am this perfect healthy eater – this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Some mornings, I eat leftover pizza, some lunches I eat poutine, this is just what I strive to do because it helps me feel my best, but sometimes a Tim Hortons pumpkin spice muffin is pretty damn delicious with a cup of tea. So enjoy it and don’t feel guilty!

There will also be a day where I can fit in some morning journalling, meditation and movement, but for now, this is my normal, and I must say, it’s pretty great, especially when I have these two tiny humans to hang out with.