This video includes tips and ideas on nourishing your body during the postpartum phase.

I cover topics such as:

  • Important nutrients to eat postpartum as well as simple snack ideas
  • 5 common postpartum issues and simple natural fixes
  • Important vitamins and supplements to take after you’ve had baby (when you are depleted and recovering)
  • The importance rest and water play in healing and maintaining health and tips on how to get more in your life
  • Sleep tips and setting yourself up for better sleep
  • Ideas for getting more support in this journey
  • A few more nuggets

Enjoy, and see any resources mentioned in video down below.

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Resources (local to Peterborough, On.)

Breastfeeding Support

Counselling/Postpartum Support Group


  • Expectful Postpartum meditations and podcast
  • Atomic Moms ep:231 – The Mother’s Transformative Journey


Cesarean Scar Massage Video

Holistic Health Physiotherapy Scar Massage


Quinoa Egg muffins and chocolate protein balls

For all Resources depending on stage, check out my resources page.