Step 1: Book a Free Discovery Call 

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Step 2: Complete Assessment

After a 15 minute discovery call, or email correspondence, and once I have a clearer picture of you and your goals, we will meet online for 1.5 hrs to discuss your overall health in greater detail. You will also get:

  • Extensive health history intake and health assessment
  • Review of your diet
  • Customized Protocol – comprehensive and personalized written action plan with diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Sample meal plan and recipe ideas.
  • Add On: Lab test recommendations (at cost pricing). You can become a monthly client or choose to book hourly appointments for lab test analysis.

$149 CAD (+hst)

Option A:


Nutrition Coaching

Once we have had our complete assessment, let me be your ongoing personal nutritionist. This package is for the person who wants better health, but isn’t sure how to get there, is overwhelmed by everything they find online, and needs someone to break things down in small, actionable steps for them. Let me be on your team and support you through your journey. I will hold your hand through the suggested diet, supplemental, and lifestyle suggestions, here’s how:

  • Weekly email check-ins and updated recommendations
  • Freedom to email or call me with questions along the way
  • 1 hour monthly online appointments
  • New, customized meal plans and recipe ideas
  • Lab test recommendations (at additional cost) along with lab test interpretations (ie: what do they mean?)
  • Lab interpretation videos for you to keep
  • Accountability
  • Access to all labs, data and results

$200/month +hst

For best results, clients may need to work with Lia for at least 4-6 months, but you can cancel at any time.


Option B:

Follow Up Appointments

After your complete assessment, you can book follow-up appointments on an as-needed basis. Do you feel like you need some extra support and accountability? Are you still having health issues that need attention? It takes months and sometimes years to clear or balance health issues. I can offer further support and revised recommendations as well as accountability through these appointments.


 $120/hour (+hst)


Functional Lab Testing

DUTCH® Testing

Millions of women suffer from hormonal imbalances. Whether it is menopause, weight gain, fatigue, low libido, premenstrual symptoms (PMS), mood swings, or depression, these symptoms can lead to more serious problems if misdiagnosed. Identifying the root cause of chronic health issues is certainly correctable, but only if properly identified.

The DUTCH Test® was created to provide insight into many of these concerns, working to deliver the most complete assessment of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, in one easy to administer test. No blood to draw, spitting in tubes, or filling up jugs of urine. Our dried urine collection process is great for baseline measurements of women with hormonal imbalances and for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) monitoring.

After utilizing the DUTCH Test®, you will be able to work with me to continue to track and evaluate hormone levels, ensuring they are at their optimum balance.” (Description taken from Precision Analytical)

$399 USD



Peterborough, Ontario