Nutrition Coaching | $189 /month

Once we have had our complete assessment, let me be your ongoing personal nutritionist. This package is for the person who wants better health, but isn’t sure how to get there, is overwhelmed by everything they find online, and needs someone to break things down in small, actionable steps for them. Let me be on your team and support you through your journey. I will hold your hand through the suggested diet, supplemental, and lifestyle suggestions, here’s how:

  • Weekly email check-ins and updated recommendations
  • Freedom to email or call me with questions along the way
  • 1 hour monthly online appointments
  • New, customized meal plans and recipe ideas
  • Lab test recommendations (tests at additional cost) along with lab test interpretations (ie: what do they mean?)
  • Lab interpretation videos for you to keep
  • Accountability
  • Access to all labs, data and results
CA$24.57 (tax)
Total: CA$213.57