Breast Milk Nutrient Package | $449

Breast milk DHA testing by CanAlt Labs.

This test measures DHA levels in a mother’s breast milk to determine if their milk is providing the recommended amount of DHA to their infant.

DHA is well recognized as a physiologically-essential polyunsaturated fatty acid needed in sufficient amounts in the brain and retina to support optimal cognitive and visual functioning, along with other health benefits during infant growth and development. Higher levels of DHA omega-3 in breast milk and higher DHA intakes by infants have been associated with better performance in neuro behavioural functioning amongst infants, improved hand-eye coordination, and lower risk of bronchitis and bronchiolitis.

Infants cannot efficiently produce their own DHA and must obtain it from breast milk or infant formula following birth. Breast milk naturally contains DHA; however, the amount of DHA found in breast milk can vary significantly depending on the mother’s diet.

The price of this test package includes:

  • Test kit mailed to your house (included in price)
  • 1 hour online appointment with me including a detailed analysis of your results
  • Diet and supplement recommendations to reach your optimal levels
  • 1 hour follow up appointment
  • 15% off quality supplements purchased through Fullscript
CA$58.37 (tax)
Total: CA$507.37